2015 Reality Check

In the days leading up to and following 31 December 2014, my social media feed was flooded with declarations of what 2015 will and will not be and what people will and will not accept in the new year.

Reality check: Your year will be what it will be…

Set your goals and work your tail off, knowing that you’ll win some and lose some. You’ll win some easy ones and you’ll slog your guts out for others with not even a hint of progress.

Don’t. Give. Up!

Your success is not determined by how boldly and loudly you stake your claim at the beginning of the year, but by how hard and consistently you work at it all year long – even when it’s ‘not working’.

Don’t get discouraged when it feels like it’s all falling apart. It’s not really falling apart; it’s just reducing the sum to smaller parts to make it easier to work with…

By all means map your success, write your goals and share them with the world – I do every year – but high-five the stuff-ups, the failures and the frustrations as an essential part of the game…

Happy New Year!

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