Seasons Greetings from the team at Michael Field

To our valued clients, suppliers, friends and associates,

Thank you for your support and friendship in 2011.

We have had a fantastic year and thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your organisation.
Thanks to your continued support, our business has grown from strength to strength with the launch of a new division:
Stolen Quotes
Stolen Quotes is the public relations, media and communications division of our business.
After such a big year, we look forward to a short break over the holiday season.
Office Hours During the Holiday Period
Our office will close on 24 December 2011 and reopen on 9 January 2012.
If you have any urgent issues please email me on?
Have a wonderful Christmas break. I look forward to a New Year of shared prosperity.


Michael Field, Director at Michael Field Pty Ltd.

Do You Have Time?

Recently a friend posted a desperate request on Facebook for ‘more hours in the day’.

If anyone has worked out how to fit another 4 to 5 hours in every day can you let me know,” she pleaded.

This really struck a chord with me as I often find myself muttering the same thing:

“Where am I going to find the extra hours I need to complete all of these jobs?

I stopped myself from indulging the thought for too long and reminded myself we all have exactly the same amount of time… It’s how we value it, allocate it, save it, protect it and share it that determines the effectiveness and quality of our lives.

Masters and minions alike all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and a life as long as God and health allows.

How do you value, allocate, save, protect and share your time?

Do you have time?


Michael Field, Director at Michael Field Pty Ltd.